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Inside Kennedy

Public Inquiries

John F. Kennedy Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
Phone: 321.867.5000
Email: Public Inquiries

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Columbia Recovery Office

NASA is still looking for and accepting debris.  Even though NASA and their contractors are no longer in the field searching, we still are accepting debris items from the Space Shuttle Columbia.  NASA has established a telephone hotline and e-mail address for the public to use for reporting information that may help recover as much of Columbia as possible and aid others studying the Space Shuttle mishap.

Anyone who discovers debris from the accident or who has film or video evidence that may be of value to NASA is urged to use these contacts. Please avoid direct contact with any debris, because it may be hazardous as a result of toxic propellants aboard the Shuttle.
Telephone reports should be directed to the following number: 1-888-446-6603 or 321/861-5129

Reports and images can also be e-mailed to:

All debris is U.S. Government property and it is critical that it be returned to NASA. Unauthorized persons found in possession of accident debris will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Ongoing Efforts

The Columbia Research & Preservation Office is also responsible for the Columbia Recovery Office duties/activities including:

  • Management of calls via the 1-866-446-6603 or the 321-861-5129 numbers from the public. This number is located at Kennedy Space Center on the desk of Mike Ciannilli.
  • Preservation of data for the Columbia Research and Preservation archives.
  • Coordination with the public regarding debris reports.
  • Identification of debris through a variety of methods.
  • Communication with contacts as appropriate.
  • Integration of debris into the Columbia Research & Preservation Room.

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Columbia recovery personnel use helicopters to find Columbia debris in East Texas. Columbia recovery personnel search the woods in East Texas for Columbia debris. KSC personnel move boxes of ColumKSC personnel move boxes of Columbia debris into the SLF hangar.angar. A KSC quality engineer logs Columbia debris into the SLF hangar.